Is This a Formal Wedding?

    I don't know what that question means but no fewer than a dozen people have asked and all the bridal magazines talk about formal versus informal weddings. None, however, have given a metric.

    Therefore, I'm declaring this a formal wedding. The bride is wearing white. The groom is wearing a tuxedo. At the end of the service, we will be married.

    If you wish to shine a bit of light on this issue or would like to petition for an alternate classification, please submit your plea post-haste.

    Uncle Mark has come through with an answer to the query...

    > Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 18:59:32 -0600
    > From: "Mark Steinhoff" <>
    > Formal would mean to me there will be limited gun-fire
    > exchanged at the reception, unless of course the steinhoff
    > clan and the price clan don't hit it off too that
    > case, all bets are off and may the best cheat'n family win!
    > I guess it also goes without saying that the table manners
    > will be followed as we have been brought up.
    > (1) You can wipe your mouth with anything but your tie (ha
    >     ha, like we would ever really wear a tie).
    > (2) As long as you can reach it, it's yours.
    > (3) Dessert gets served to the man/woman who can burp the
    >     most letters of the alphabet (in order).
    > (4) Anything left on the table after the napkins have been
    >     wadded up is yours for the taking.