Know Your Wedding Party and Family

Sarah Price, Bride

Queen Sarah is a technical writer (not to be confused with being a a writer, technically) for the Orlando Sentinel. She enjoys all things Pokemon and won't let Matt put dry ice in the pond.

Matt Steinhoff, Groom

Matt likes to ride his bicycle and affirms Sarah on a regular basis. By day, he hacks root at the Orlando Sentinel, by night he ponders gravity.

Ken Steinhoff, Best Man, Father of the Groom

Dear Old Dad (DOD) knows everything. Being half the man he is would put one ahead of two-thirds of the rest.

                                       (Old picture?)

Erynn LeRoy, Groomsmaid

Erynn owns the Palm Beach County social scene. Kevin Bacon may be six degrees from the rest of Hollywood but Erynn is just two degrees by T3 from any true geek. (And even a few 31it3 haquors.)

Dani Price, Maid of Honor

In this corner, Dani Price, ready to rumble. Don't get between her and the bouquet; odds are she'd body check you into the buffet.

Valerie McDonald, Matron of Honor

She'll be the one in lime green sequines and the feather boa.

Devon Price, Father of the Bride

Wearing a tux twice in under a year? He must really love Sarah.

Adam Steinhoff, MC

Adam rocks the mike! He's in da_house. He's the mac daddy, G. He's fly and feels the need to jump, jump. And stuff.

Ethan Scoggins, Music

One of these days, Ethan will be in sickenly heavy rotation on MTV. He will be more popular than N-Sync and the Backstreet Boys combined. You can say you know him when he was spinnin' the 12-inch at the Price-Steinhoff wedding.

MaryJo Price, Mother of Bride

Sarah is her favorite.

Lila Steinhoff, Mother of Groom

MOM: Mother of Matt. Just because he's getting married doesn't mean that she'll stop sending him underwear at Christmas. He hopes.