3, 2, 1, Liftoff!

Sooner Rather Than Later

Get a map of your choosing. We have two. One (quiet) is just what you need to know.
The other map (loud) shows most local roads and probably isn't much use to you. Should you need a higher resolution copy, let me know. If you
follow the red line, all will be right with the world.

Check the weather in Apopka.

Friday, March 10, 2000

Ken and Lila pick up flowers and head up to Orlando with Marty and Helen.

Adam and Nicole leave separately and head up to Orlando.

Matt and Sarah check in at Meadow Marsh. (3-5pm)

Mark, David and Mary Lee arrive in Orlando.

Wedding Rehearsal - 5:00 pm at Errol Estates Country Club.

Matt Sarah Herb
Erynn Ken Lila
Mary Jo Devon Valerie
Dani Ethan

The above are the absolutely necessary attendees. Anyone going to the dinner is welcome at the rehearsal. Ken and Lila will bring the flowers, which will be stored at Errol Estates overnight. Following the rehearsal, the Steinhoffs which have subsequently arrived at Crosby Motor Inn will be picked up and transported to the rehearsal dinner for wonderful garlic-filled meal.

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner - 6:30 pm at Don Pepe's Cuban Cafe

Matt Sarah Herb
Erynn Ken Lila
Mary Jo Devon Valerie
Dani Ethan Adam
Patty Helen Marty
Mark Mary Lee Daid
Ryan Nicole

9:00 pm - Bachelor party for Matt at TGI Friday's on S.R. 436

Saturday, March 11, 2000 - the big day!

10:00 am - Sarah, Valerie and Mary Jo report to the hair salon for much ado about hair.

1:00 pm - The wedding party and anyone else who is helping set up for the reception should be at Errol Estates by then. We can begin set up earlier - any time we want - but we definitely must being setup by one. The catering director - Karen - will be available to assist.

Set up work:
Ethan needs to set up his equipment for music in reception room and music outside.
Candles need to be arranged on tables.
Guest registry table needs to be set up.
Flower garland needs to be assembled and pinned to head table. Hot glue, anyone?
Flower pots need to be arranged at the ceremony area outside.
Flowers need to be placed on tables and loose petals sprinkled about liberally.
Toasting goblets should be placed on head table.
Favors with birdseed bags need to be placed at every plate setting. Spare favors can be set up on gift table.
Bridal party should be partaking in makeup festivities and getting dressed.

1:00 pm - Photographer Rich Graulich arrives

2:00 pm - Cake is delivered from Publix.

2:15 pm - Corsages and boutonnieres should be attached to the appropriate people:
Matt - Groom's boutonniere Lila - corsage
Ken - boutonniere Mary Jo - corsage
Erynn - boutonniere Mary Lee - corsage
Devon - boutonniere Helen - corsage
Herb - boutonniere Adam - boutonniere
Ethan - boutonniere

2:30 pm - Ethan begins the music with the Vince Guaraldi cd. This will be playing in the reception room as guests arrive.

Bouquets are passed out to the bridal party. Bridal party will be ready for some before shots with the photographer.

As guests arrive, we need someone at the guest registry table greeting people, making them sign cards, and directing them towards the wedding ceremony. Possibly Nicole and Patty?

We need two ushers outside at the wedding ceremony area directing guests to their seats. I just need them to point out bride and groom sides and make sure the front two rows are reserved for family. Possibly Adam and Ryan?

It wouldn't be a bad idea to have someone at the front lobby directing people either. Maybe the Steinhoff men can loiter by the front door.

2:45 pm - Ring check. Ken should have the bride's ring and Dani should have the groom's.

3:00 pm - Ceremony is scheduled to start. Once all the guests arrive, Ethan should stop the music (or arrange for someone to stop it) in the reception area and prepare to play outside.

Wedding party should prepare for their grand entrance.

Ushers need to urge people to be seated and then, once that's accomplished, usher the grandmother and mothers down the aisle.

3:10 pm - Ethan plays "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" as the wedding party enters in the following order:
Officiant - Herb Hill
Groom - Matt Steinhoff
Best Man - Ken Steinhoff
Groomsman - Erynn LeRoy
Matron of Honor - Valerie McDonald
Maid of Honor - Dani Price

3:15 pm - Ethan begins playing the Steinhoff Wedding March. Mary Jo stands up and turns toward the bride. The audience follows her lead. Sarah and Devon proceed down the aisle - without tripping! Ceremony commences.

3:20 pm - Ceremony ends. Matt and Sarah walk back down the aisle and then the guests disperse. As soon as possible, Ethan should start the music in the reception area with the Wedding Dinner cd.

Formal photos will be taken at this time. Marriage license will be signed. The bar will be open in the reception hall and there will be a fruit buffet for hors d'oeuvres.

4:00 pm - Around this time, photos should be done. The wedding party will now be introduced at the reception. We'll gather at the main door. Ethan will stop the music (just let the song that's playing finish) and Adam will announce the party in the following order:
Officiant: Herb Hill
Mother of the Groom: Lila Steinhoff
Mother of the Bride: Mary Jo Price
Father of the Bride: Devon Price
Groomsmaid: Erynn LeRoy
Matron of Honor: Valerie McDonald
Best Man and Father of the Groom: Ken Steinhoff
Maid of Honor: Dani Price

As they are introduced, wedding party should go to their seats and stand there. Seated at the head table, in order from left to right when facing the table are Valerie, Dani, Sarah, Matt, Ken and Erynn. Everyone else should sit at the family tables.

Adam will then announce the spastic couple:

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Steinhoff

Matt and Sarah will stay at the dance floor for their first dance.

The rest of the wedding party can sit down. Adam will announce the first dance and away Matt and Sarah will go - burning up the dance floor to "When You Say Nothing At All" by Alison Kraus. The audience will attempt to stifle their laughter.

After the first dance, any needed repairs to the bride and groom's attire as a result of tripping all over each other on the dance floor will be made and they will be seated.

Ethan should start the music again while we pause to regroup.

Champagne should be at all the place settings.

When we're ready, Ethan should stop the music and Adam will announce the first toast by the best man. Best man toasts. Groom toasts. Adam offers the microphone around to anyone else that wants to make a toast. Once the toasting is complete, the music will start up again.

4:30 pm - Buffet is on! Adam should announce when dinner is about to be served (Karen should let him know) and that the wedding party will go first, then the family tables and then everyone else.

5:30ish pm - Once dinner appears to be over, the party will begin. Music will stop. Adam will announce that the dancing will start with the father of the bride and the bride's dance. Ethan will queue up "Sara Smile". About a minute or so into the song, Adam will invite everyone else up to dance. From there, the music should pick up where it left off and just keep on playing for the rest of the evening.

6:30ish pm - We'll let Adam know when we want to cut the cake. Adam will make the announcement. Matt and Sarah will slice away and then everyone gets cake!

7:30 pm - Adam will announce the tossing of the bouquet. Sarah will toss. Mayhem will ensue.

8:00 pm - Matt and Sarah prepare to depart. Adam will announce the "tossing of the birdseed" so people can line up outside. Once they are ready to be pelted, Matt and Sarah will make a run for it.

8:30 pm - Reception is over and clean up can begin!

Contact numbers for everyone and their mom:
Matt's cell 407-312-6121
Ken's cell 561-315-8657
Mary Jo's cell 407-928-5167
Valerie's cell 407-252-4730
Adam's cell 561-635-7169
Devon and Patty's home 407-482-2628
Mary Jo's home 407-884-9178
Valerie, Dani and Ethan's home 407-389-2410
Matt and Sarah's home 407-532-1930
Crosby Motor Inn 407-886-3220

What needs to go to Errol Estates on Saturday:
bride's outfit - in the dressing room
groom's outfit - wherever he wants
candles - guest tables and head table
notecards for guests to sign - guest registry table
bowl for notecards that guests have signed - guest registry table
toasting goblets - head table
cake knife and server - cake table
marriage license - best man's pocket
rings - best man's pocket
hot glue gun - to assemble flower garland for head table
favors w/ birdseed bags - at each place setting

Matt's in charge of getting this stuff to Errol. It will be at our apartment and whoever wants to help transport is more than welcome!

What needs to come back from Errol Estates to Matt and Sarah's place:
Top layer of wedding cake
Toasting goblets
Cake knife and server
Wedding gifts
Bowl of cards signed by guests

What can be appropriated by guests - after the reception!
Additional favors